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About the Show

When I was growing up, every once in a while at a family dinner, dad would sip his wine and share a tiny snippet of his past life. They came in small snapshots with barely enough detail and always ending with"it was a hard time". Every time this happened, a chill filled the air and the entire table became stone cold silent. 

Being born and raised in America, it occurred to me that the 1970's Cambodian Genocide, the one my dad survived, was rarely ever discussed. You wont find it in history books, even though it's the 2nd deadliest genocide in the world - 1st being the Holocaust. And you would think it'd at least be mentioned in California history books, where 95% of the donut shops are run by Cambodian refugees. Where are all the stories? 

If we don't share the stories NOW, they will be lost. 

My father deserves a chance to share what truly happened in The Killing Fields. I felt an obligation to preserve history and create a platform where my father can finally share what he'd lived through - and how that pain translated to his great success in America today. How a young, starving boy from Cambodia became an American CEO and serial entrepreneur. How he achieved his American Dream.

I hope through this podcast you will find inspiration, strength, and most importantly a greater perspective and appreciation for this wonderful life we are blessed to live.


Get ready for the story of your life.


And Dad - this one's for you. 


Our Mission 

Share the truth. Inspire others.

Our mission is to share an in-depth first hand experience of life during the Khmer Rouge, to remind people that life is a gift, and that despite of your past, with determination, grit, and hard work you can truly achieve anything. 

"If I can help just one person understand how precious life really is, that is enough for me"

- Robert Chau


Dorothy Chow - Host (Daughter)

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Dorothy is the current VP and Operations Manager at B&H Bakery Distributors. She graduated UCSD in 2015 with Economics, and came home to take over the family business. She has a passion for telling stories, helping local businesses, and carrying Robert's legacy through the Death in Cambodia Podcast, and B&H Bakery Distributors. In her free time, she enjoys reading new business books, spending time with her loved ones, and watching Downton Abbey.


Robert Chau - Interviewee (Father)

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Robert Chau is a serial American entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of B&H Bakery Distributors and additionally founded 4 other companies in the bakery and donut industry. Throughout his life, he has built over 60 donut shops throughout CA, TX, and Philadelphia. Robert has funded and built the only school in his hometown Mongkol Borey, Cambodia, and is a director of the Heart Without Boundaries Organization. In his free time, he dabbles in real estate, cooking, and training Dorothy to be the best future CEO she can be. 

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