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Death in Cambodia, Life in America Podcast

Out of 5,000 kids, I survived.

The Cambodian Genocide from 1975-1979  is rarely discussed. Many of the Cambodian survivors refuse to open the door to the horrors of the past, leaving their lessons of strength and survival behind. This is why I created the Death in Cambodia Podcast. 


It's been 50 years since my dad escaped the Khmer Rouge. I think it's time he got a chance to share his story.

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New Death in Cambodia Podcast Episode Every Sunday

New Episodes are released every Sunday. 


Come join me as we uncover what my father witnessed during the 1970's Cambodian Genocide. In my Death in Cambodia Podcast, we go into detail about what life was really like in the Khmer Rouge labor camps. These topics include everything from what he ate, who he met, his mentality during his family's escape - and how he used his new found strength to build a business empire in America.

Death in Cambodia Podcast REVIEWS

"I really appreciate Robert's story because we don’t get to hear these intimate moments that are veiled by US history textbooks and media. The way that American history contextualizes the genocide dehumanizes Cambodians and reduces us to a history of genocide. By listening to Robert in the Death and Cambodia Podcast, it really brings into relief how we are complex people, real people with multiple experiences that include joy, laughter, abundance as well as atrocity and suffering. We are also a people tied to family, community, and a deeply rich culture."


"This work adds to a growing body of public access to the unique stories of the Cambodian diaspora, and that is SO important--not just for us as Cambodian-Americans but also so our peers unfamiliar with this history who want to learn more can learn more easily."


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